It's from a few years ago, but what the hey...Scroll down to see #1.  Of course it's our man Papa.


5 Authors More Badass Than the Character They Created


Sure, they play up the myths and make mistakes, but the piece is done with affection and admiration:


"Ernest Hemingway is a guy that was so manly you grow a beard just reading his name. He was a boxer, a track runner, a football player, a water polo player and a key figure of the debate team, presumably winning most of his arguments with terrifying scowls.

Hemingway served in the first World War as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross in Paris, which at the time was getting the shit bombed out of it. While there, he was seriously wounded by mortar fire but managed to carry an Italian soldier to safety, becoming the first American to win the Italian Silver Medal of Bravery.

He spent the next few years vacationing in Key West and the Bahamas, hunting big game in Kenya, and getting shitfaced with James Joyce. When the Spanish Civil War broke out, Hemingway traveled there and saw combat as a reporter, and in WWII he served in the Navy, tasked with destroying enemy submarines off the coast of Cuba. Later he organized his own partisan group and helped liberate Paris, proving that he could win any conflict with or without the military.

Hemingway spent the last years of his life refusing to die, surviving two consecutive plane crashes, a concussion, temporary paralysis and a massive bushfire.

At one point he was so injured that some American newspapers ran his obituary. Yes, that's right--Hemingway was so badass that he got to read his own obituary.

As for his love life, he went through four wives in 40 years, never spending more than three months as a single man (and in one case, only 17 days). We're guessing that the instant he announced that he was available, a line of women formed outside his door that wrapped around the block."

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As far as the last paragraph goes, it seems he made a habit of lining up the next wife well before the divorce of the last one. Something that has always puzzled me was the unattractiveness of all his wives. I suspect that he was a sucker for the adoration so he took whatever chased him. Some even hung around at his house when he was still married - that is almost a sign of "stalking". For those that might say that most women appeared unattracive at that time, look at the Paris picture with Lady Duff Twysden sitting next to him and how attractive she was compared to Hadley.

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