It pains me to report that one of our own on this board, Larry, aka "Papa Cosa", died Sunday December 14, 2014. He was 42 years old. Larry had suffered from many serious health issues since childhood so while his death does not come as a complete surprise, it is a devastating blow to everyone who knew and loved him.

I'd known Larry for nearly twenty years, as we met at our record store job in October of 1995. He was the first person I'd met who admired the work of Ernest Hemingway as much as I did.  He and I shared many, many inside jokes, several of which were Hemingway inspired. We joked about who would beat whom "to the barn", just as Hemingway and his friend Gary Cooper did. Larry had a wicked sense of humor and was the funniest person I've ever met.

Despite his health issues, Larry maintained an optimistic outlook on life that was in direct contrast to my own. Those differences were the catalyst for many lively spiritual and philosophical discussions. His viewpoints didn't necessarily convince me to change my mind about how I saw the world, but knowing what he thought and felt about things earned him nothing but my greatest respect.

I'll miss him terribly.

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Here's a link to the Legacy obituary, which will remain online for a year. There is also a guestbook if anyone wishes to offer their condolences.

That's sad news Steve...sorry to hear about it, but thanks for sharing.

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