Just got back from seeing Midnight In Paris. It's a delightful love letter/post card/whatever to 1920s Paris and the whole movie was a lot of fun, especially for we Papa and Francophiles. I wish more women looked like Marion Cotillard and Léa Seydoux...they're just so gorgeous...and more importantly: French! I'm also thinking of changing my name to Yves...okay, scratch that last bit...

Did I mention that wished I knew women who looked like Marion Cotillard and Léa Seydoux (and Carla Bruni)?

Seriously, it's a fun movie and all my years of Hemingway and 1920s worship "paid off", what with the knowing nods and jokes about Hem and Fitz and the rest. Hemingway was definitely the comedic-but-revered figure here; I never knew that Woody liked him.


I think that uploading a trailer for Midnight In Paris would fit in nicely with our pro-Papa envirnoment.

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Just added the trailer Steve...glad to hear the movie wasn't lame!
Excellent. By the way, the trailer doesn't really give away the film's "main event", as it's holding back the good stuff, unlike most trailers which spoil most of the film.
I just now got back from this and thought it was great. I laughed every time the Hemingway character said anything ("Did you ever shoot a lion?""He's [Picasso] good. Not as good as Miro.") and the F. Scott but especially Zelda were perfect. Picasso was great but Dali ... Da LEE, Da LEE was better. The opening shots of Paris showed a real love for the city, and the reporduction of the salons and cafes and bistros was spot on. Just to catch a quick view of Sacre Coeur or the stops up to Montmartre was fun. There is a quick shot of the Cafe Saint Andre des Arts where we've had several drinks. Stein and especially her apartment were fabulous. Even the I-have-no-lines Alice Toklas looked perfect to me.
I've seen comments about Woody scewering the well-to-do, but didn't  Hemingway draw a distiction between he and F. Scott? Between staying at the Ritz on the Right bank and speaking no French and stayiong on the Left, Bohemian Bank, having an apartment with no toilette, learning French and getting around by walking or by bicycle instead of by car. I loved every minute of the film, but especially Owen Wilson in one scene going from dis-belief to acceptance to being in Paris in the 20's. And that fact that no-one bothered asking Gil about his clothes.
I'm not a big Woody fan but if he did the screenplay he did his homework.
I went and saw the movie again today, this time with the wife, who also loved it. My misses has endured my passion for Papa for two decades, but she got all the references in the film, mainly because she just knows the stuff, but also because of my near-constant playing of the A&E Biography Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling With Life over the years. I'd see MIP again this week, but the ol' multiplex is shuffling Midnight In Paris off after Thursday.

There's also a brief bit in front of Shakespeare and Company, though there was no heavily-bandaged man in sight being gazed upon adoringly by Sylvia Beach. :D
I took my sons both in their 20's,and we all 3 loved this movie. We talked on the way home all the literary and artist references,and how truly cool this movie is. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD, so I can own it and watch it again,and again!

I like how Woody sets up Hemingway's introduction; he's the only 1920s luminary who gets this preferential treatment.  Allen probably finds the Hemingway style facetious in its impossible-to-mistake-for-anyone else singularity (LOL)! 


It turns out my local multiplex kept MIP on for another week!  No surprise considering this is Woody's biggest box office hit ever.  Also, seeing as the Motion Picture Academy now selects ten films for Best Picture every year, they'd better nominate Midnight In Paris as well as Corey Stoll (Hemingway) for Best Supporting Actor!


Papa + Paris = Profit!

So where's the sountrack album. I've found a "Music From..." thing but it doesn't include anything by Stephane Wembel. 
I'd love to also know any information about the soundtrack,and certainly want to own the DVD!
I thought Corey Stoll was fantastic in the part. To me, he is Hemingway. Super acting! And folks, the hair was a wig he had specially made for the part. The guy is bald as a billiard ball, but looked amazingly like Hemingway. Ironically, I've been told I look like Hemingway. I was in Key West in Sloppy Joe's to watch the look-alike contest,and I was asked more then once by patrons,and management of the bar, if I was there for the contest,and that I should enter. I was blown away!

I had never even heard of Stoll before that film, but there are a lot of actors & actresses like this for me. I knew, and like, Owen Wilson and Adrian Brody (Da-lee, Da-lee) and Kathy Bates, but that was about it. Whoever played Zelda was creepily true to my impression of what Zelma looked like.



The attention to detail in the set design is a joy to behold, particularly Gertrude Stein's sitting room; it looks just like it does in photographs.  Kathy Bates has the Stein posture down pat, as she's sitting just like Gertrude when we first see her. 

Woody Allen's love for that era is obvious...the only thing missing was a Leonard Zelig cameo.


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