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I'm thrilled to announce my deal with NAL/Penguin for a new Hemingway novel, HEMINGWAY'S GIRL.  It's set in Key West in the 30s. I've included the jacket copy, below. I hope it's as well received as THE PARIS WIFE.


"Following the mysterious death of Mariella Bennet’s father off the coast of Key West in 1935, Mariella struggles with her grief, supporting her family, and her lost dream of starting a charter fishing boat business with her father.  When she seeks a job working as a housekeeper for Ernest Hemingway, she hopes steady employment with Key West’s richest and most famous family will help meet her obligations and help her realize her dream. 


An unexpected flirtation with the writer, however, and the continual scrutiny of his haughty wife, Pauline, in addition to a budding relationship with a WW1 vet and boxer named Gavin Murray, complicate Mariella’s plans. Storms brewing in her relationships come to crisis as a hurricane threatens to destroy the Keys and all those she holds dear.    


Set on the swells of the Gulf of Mexico, the bars, docks, and boxing rings of Key West, and the Bahamian island of Bimini, Hemingway’s Girl explores the worth of the individual, the gulf between the classes, and the boundaries of human hunger."


I want to thank those of you who've helped me with Hemingway related questions, and the site in general for excellent content, video, audio, and a feast of all things Hemingway.  


Warm regards,

Erika Robuck



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Congtratulations Erika...look forward to reading it.


Good luck!


Mark Wilson

Excellent! Can't wait to read it! Well done, hija!
Thanks so much, Mark and Hijo! :)

When I was reading the Paris Wife I was thinking that there was no end of potential sequals . Viz:

The Key West Wife (which it looks like you're taking care of). Then the Spanish Wife. Then the African or Cuban Wife. And as if that were not enough, the Paris Son, and The Key West Sons. Could The Paris Wife vs Dracula be far behind?


Good luck!


Great sequel ideas!  There is an upcoming HBO series, Hemingway and Gelhorn. There's also a movie with Anthony Hopkins as Papa in his later years. Why don't you take a son so we get this adequately covered.




When is the publishing date?


Hi Mike,

The release date is September 4, 2012. I'm busy with copy edits right now. I'm very excited to send the novel out into the world. I hope Hemingway fans enjoy it!



Mike Galvin said:

When is the publishing date?


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